About Me

Hey you guys! My name is Emily! I love Christmas, my friends, Fall, cozy sweaters, rainy days, fireplaces, coffee, classic movies(especially the ones with Gregory Peck or Cary Grant! Ah!), chocolate, ice cream, fluffy blankets…Oh yea and I love food… a lot! All of my life I have eaten home cooked food made by my lovely mother and she has taught me pretty much everything I know about cooking. I also learn a ton from reading food blogs. I have a select few that I read every.single.day. I never get tired of learning more about food and finding new recipes to try:)

I also love my family! My parents and siblings mean so much to me! One of my favorite things to do is bake for them. My dad and younger brother are pretty much my recipe guinea pigs. They are usually always willing to try new things and tell me the honest truth about some new recipe that sounds freakishly weird! I really love cooking pretty much all kinds of food, but baking is the thing that I just get the urge to do sometimes. It’s hard to explain, but for me baking is like some kind of weird therapy when I am just having a “blah” day.  It’s true! Maybe other foodies feel this way too? Haha:)

I really want everyone who reads my blog to see how easy it is to make delicious, wholesome food at home. There are so many recipes that you can throw into the slow cooker and have ready when you get home. You just have to find them. I hope to post lots of quick and easy recipes like this as much as possible!

One more thing that I want people to know about me more than anything else is that I love Jesus!  He is my Savior and Friend. I couldn’t live without Him and I want to honor Him in all that I do:)


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